Morgan Cristine Flores

b. 1981/Los Angeles

Artist Bio

I construct visual and written work from the perspective of the quasi-autobiographical character, Peanut, who emerged during the development of my thesis MFA Art Studio work at UC Davis from 2020-2022.  My visual work is made up of collaged constructions in sculpture, paint, and photography focussing on themes of mixed Mexican-American identity, the environment, the passage of time, love and economics. My written work consists of short stories and essays with similar themes that follow different chapters of Peanut's life, and they accompany and expand on my visual work, but they also stand alone as written pieces. My intent is that each piece, written or visual, expands on representations of Peanut's psychological landscape: her wants, desires, fears, observations, musings and the values she holds close as a young Mexican-American woman growing up in the U.S. in the late 1990s and early 2000s, as she searches for place, belonging, and meaning.

Peanut Goes to Art School: AKA "An Artist Statement"

Morgan Cristine Flores- mcf-edited-5mbs.jpg

Photo by Juan Herrera